Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Amazon's Fire TV Piles Into the Living Room

At least a few of Amazon’s living-room rivals have been getting some traction. Roku leads the field with a device placed in 37?percent of households that have a streaming media system, compared with 24?percent for Apple?TV, according to researcher Parks Associates. Roku is considering an initial public offering later this year. Last summer, Google introduced Chromecast, a thumb drive-size Android-powered device that plugs into a TV, connects to a wireless network, and can stream movies or music from the Internet or a nearby phone or computer. The device has been well received, particularly compared to the clunky Google?TV set-top boxes that preceded it, and it costs a hard-to-beat $35.

From the article, "Amazon's Fire TV Piles Into the Living Room" by Brad Stone and Joshua Brustein.

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