Friday, October 02, 2015

Amazon is banning the sale of Apple and Google streaming devices

Amazon has recently been ramping up Prime Video, investing heavily in programming.

It has commissioned a TV series written and directed by Woody Allen and hired Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May for a new car programme in a deal described by founder Jeff Bezos described as "very expensive".

The move to ban Apple and Google’s streaming devices comes ahead of the crucial Christmas selling period.

Analysts said Google was likely to feel more pain than Apple as a result, as Apple sells products through its own stores, but there could also be repercussions for Amazon.

"This has the potential to hurt Amazon as much as it does Apple and Google," said Barbara Kraus, an analyst at Parks Associates, told Bloomberg.

"As a retailer, I want to give people a reason to come to me. When I take out best-selling brands, I take away those reasons."

From the article "Amazon is banning the sale of Apple and Google streaming devices" by Clare Hutchison.

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