Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Amazon Fire TV outsells Apple TV

Amazon's Fire TV set-top box outsold Apple TV in the last year, according to figures from Parks Associates.

In the US, Roku, Google, Amazon and Apple account for a whopping 86 per cent of the entire streaming market.

Roku is top, with a 34 per cent market share, while Google's Chromecast notched up 24 per cent.

Apple was third, but has been overtaken by the Amazon Fire TV set-top box.

However, it's hardly a fair comparison. Apple TV hasn't been refreshed since 2013, which is an age in terms of technology.

Apple is also rumoured to launch a new model next month. It's been whispered about for some time, which will have put people off buying the existing model.

From the article "Amazon Fire TV outsells Apple TV" by Joe Svetlik.

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