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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aereo TV Web Service to Roll Out in Dozens of Cities

Aereo is  a $12-per-month service that lets users access broadcast TV on mobile devices. It began telecasting on March 14. The company wants to quickly expand. The chairman expects the Aereo Inc. Web-based television service to be in 75 to 100 cities within a year after making its debut.

Aereo is based in Long Island City, New York, and is backed in part by IAC/Interactive. The company received $20.5 million in financing on Feb. 14, with contributions coming from venture capital firms. For the service to get off the ground, it has to beat back efforts by Walt Disney's ABC and other networks. The networks have expressed concern that Aereo is “circumventing” the distribution system, creating possible copyrighting laws, and therefore should be blocked,

The service is delivered via quarter-inch antennas that are placed in data centers. The technology uses the existing broadcasting signal in any given city and lets consumers bypass the costs of monthly cable or satellite service.

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