Thursday, August 01, 2002

Adoption of Connected Home Relies on Networked Products

Networked entertainment services and products could provide the impetus sought by service providers and consumer electronics manufacturers for the mass-market adoption of digital "connected home" solutions, according to Parks Associates' forthcoming report Digital Entertainment in the Internet Home. This immense market potential derives from the fundamental appeal of entertainment content and applications, combined with the enhanced functionality of networking technologies. Early returns from this new research report indicate that in most cases, over 50 percent of U.S. Internet households are interested in networking entertainment content among PCs, TVs, stereos and DVD players.

"Today, discussions about the networked home rarely go beyond PC-centric applications," said Parks Associates' senior analyst and director of broadband research, Michael Greeson. "However, the mass-market consumer naturally gravitates to entertainment services, including music, video, and gaming, and networking adds new capabilities to these already compelling applications. If vendors and service providers can tap into this market and provide a simple, user-friendly, and inexpensive solution that enables consumers to network entertainment content, they could help propel broadband and home networking into the mass market."

Parks Associates' new study, Digital Entertainment in the Internet Home, will utilize data recently collected from Internet surveys of 10,500 Internet households, including 4,500 narrowband and 6,000 broadband subscribers. The survey analysis will be available mid-September 2002.

From the article "Adoption of Connected Home Relies on Networked Products' Success."

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