Monday, July 13, 2015

A hitch on the way to a smart home

But there’s one big hitch. In order for any of these scenarios to work, you’ll have to have devices that can actually talk to each other. Many will only be able to perform these functions if you have compatible equipment in your house. If you purchase one smart home device you may find that your choices for other gadgets could be circumscribed if you want them to all work together.

“When they buy their first smart product, (consumers) have the expectation that it will work with other smart products that they will purchase in the future. But that’s generally not the case,” said Tom Kerber, director of research at Parks Associates, a technology consulting firm.

That dynamic was an undertone at an event Google-owned Nest held in San Francisco last month. The company demonstrated how its latest thermostats, smoke detectors and cameras will be able to work together to perform sophisticated functions.

From the article "A hitch on the way to a smart home" by Troy Wolverton.

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