Friday, December 19, 2014

41 percent of caregivers use some digital health device to provide care

Digital health may be a compelling market, especially the use of digital devices by caregivers looking after some of the seniors that will make up 42 percent of the population next year. But it remains a fragmented market. A report this week by Parks Associates surveyed 10,00 heads of households to gauge their use and interest in digital health. About 22 percent of respondents described themselves as or current or future caregivers.

41 percent of home caregivers say they use some form of digital health device. In an indication that the simplest solutions are the most popular, 17 percent of caregivers said they favored a device that lets individuals push a button if they need emergency assistance. The devices inspired the most interest in 44 percent of current and future caregivers. An electronic watch that could detect fall, electronic pill boxes to remind people to take their meds and record it, and remote monitoring are a few other areas of interest for this group.

From the article "41 percent of caregivers use some digital health device to provide care" by Stephanie Baum.

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