Broadband becomes even more critical to households with shelter-in-place orders

by Steve Nason | Apr. 3, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered work routines for everyone. With “non-essential” employers mandating remote work, many of the connected services and solutions Parks Associates studies are now essential in ensuring everyone in the household can work from home and entertain-in-place.

360 View: Broadband Services in the US, a Parks Associates study of 10,000 US broadband households in Q3 2019, reports that 76% of US broadband households said life would be much more difficult without broadband, and this figure has undoubtedly increased in the past month.

This survey also revealed a marked increase in adoption and usage of antennas to watch broadcast TV. Thirty percent of US broadband households reported owning a TV antenna. Some of these households were building ad hoc content bundles, with broadcast TV over antennas delivering local news and content, to supplement their OTT video services. Across multiple surveys, households have consistently marked local news as a very valuable type of content—local broadcast channels are the most preferred channel types, and news is the most preferred broadcast content. Antennas delivered on those needs to households without pay TV or with skinny bundles.

Now, reliance on local content is increasing as people look for the latest news on shelter-in-place orders, and as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to impact the economy and depress household income, antenna adoption and usage will expand as households look for affordable and reliable video options.

Broadband and content providers will continue to play an important role delivering services to connected consumers. In today’s extreme market conditions, broadband households are relying even more on broadband providers to effectively and efficiently manage their networks and deliver what could now be lifesaving services.

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