Rethinking Security When We Live, Work, Play at Home

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 | On-demand Download

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79% of consumers are concerned about data security or privacy issues.

In recent months, the security of the average home network has become exponentially more critical as shelter-in-place and work-at-home policies have caused more families to live, work, and play at home. Regardless of re-openings, many predict that the way we work and live may be fundamentally changed. When remote internet connectivity blurs the line between work and home, cybersecurity takes on a whole new value in addition to the regular concerns of today’s households.

Unfortunately, DDOS attacks, phishing attempts, and malware infections are rising as bad actors exploit new opportunities in the vulnerabilities of home networks, the growing volume of traffic, and the many devices connected to them. However, new AI-driven security solutions can secure the home using behavioral analysis of network traffic, quickly identify malicious threats, and quarantine devices that behave unusually.

Service providers have a vested interest in protecting the security and reliability of the home network for their customers. With more visibility into the home network and more granular controls for addressing threats, ISPs who partner with security solutions can reduce downtime and deliver the premium user experience consumers value.

This webinar discusses the trends in home network usage and security adoption, the current state of security vulnerabilities and threats, and how ISPs can become the trusted provider of security for their connectivity and entertainment services.


  • Changing consumer lifestyle patterns, home network usage, and incidence of security and privacy problems
  • Home network vulnerabilities and the advantages in solutions that protect and prevent security threats by proactively keeping consumers safe without requiring their action
  • Opportunities for service providers to integrate with smart home cybersecurity platforms to deliver a full stack of home and mobile security services


Alex Balan, Chief Security Researcher, Bitdefender

Razvan Todor, Director, Connected Home Security, Bitdefender

Alex Alex "Jay" Balan, Security Research Director, Bitdefender
Twitter ID: @jaymzu

Alex "Jay" Balan is the Chief Security Researcher and Spokesperson for Bitdefender. His career is focused on Information Security, Innovation and Product Strategy, fields in which he has so far accumulated over 15 years of experience. He drove the vision for Bitdefender's UNIX-based security solutions before kickstarting an ambitious project that would advance the company's R&D department and steer a good part of the company's focus towards technology and innovation. He is now furthering security and privacy research and has been actively involved in creating awareness by speaking at a number of conferences including DefCon, Derbycon, RSA, BSides, ISC China, Interpol's meetings on Cyber Crime for Heads of Units, DefCamp, IMWorld, Future of Media and many others.

Brad Russell Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates
Twitter ID: @bradrusselltech

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Connected home technologies and services, IoT data privacy and security, home networking, insurtech, connected health, housing innovation, home energy management

Brad leads Parks Associates’ connected home team, exploring leading-edge issues converging in the connected home—smart home devices and services, residential security, home networking, IoT data privacy and security, data-driven applications, and platform services. Brad’s custom research work includes market sizing and forecasts, ecosystem and competitive landscapes, channel analyses, and go-to-market strategies. Brad balances the art and science of market research to generate insights that lead to more astute business strategy and value-generating practices. He has a background in marketing communications, technology startups, and online media.

Brad received his Bachelor of Science degree in advertising and marketing from the University of Texas at Austin. He also earned a M.Div. and a D.Min. with concentrations in ethics and cross-cultural collaboration.

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Razvan Todor Razvan Todor, VP, Product Management, Bitdefender
Twitter ID: @bitdefender

Razvan Todor is a Product and Business Management Leader with over 15 years of software industry experience. He is currently the Vice President of the B2B2C division at Bitdefender, a global security technology company that serves over 500 million us-ers in over 150 countries with cybersecurity solutions and advanced threat protection services. Since joining the company, Razvan has held several key management positions at Bitdefender, focusing on both business and consumers. For the past five years, he has overseen or been directly involved in the launch of Bitdefender's top-tier B2C and B2B2C products, such as Bitdefender BOX and the Bitdefender IoT Security Plat-form, as well as co-branded solutions such as NETGEAR Armor powered by Bitde-fender. His current mission is to build and expand Bitdefender's technological reach through strategic partnerships with industry leaders in the IoT and smart home cyber-security markets.

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