Advancing Ease of Use through Sensors and Appliance Automation

Ayla Networks - 2016 Webcast - Parks Associates

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Co-hosted by Ayla Networks and Parks Associates

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From their inception, major appliances have offered convenience, reduction of labor, and better results over formerly manual tasks, such as washing clothes in the river or cooking over an open fire. Today’s smart appliances are leveraging innovative sensor technologies to evaluate appliance task status, anticipate needs, and automate the next step with little or no human interaction. Sensors for temperature, moisture, voice control, energy consumption, malfunctions, filter status, and accessing cooking or washing instructions are just a few of the ways smart appliances can make consumers’ lives easier.

• Discover consumer feature preferences by appliance type to help prioritize sensor and application development

• Review examples of the latest smart appliance product innovations

• Explore how sensor data can inform appliance optimization through firmware updates

• Learn what backend cloud-based tools and processes are required to effectively create value from appliance sensor data


Oliver Cockcroft, Product Architect, Ayla Networks

Chris McGugan, GM of Innovation and the Kenmore Brand, Sears Holdings

Peter Radsliff, VP Marketing, Arrayent

Brad Russell, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

Oliver Cockcroft, Product Architect, Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks - Parks Associates webcast

Oliver Cockcroft is Ayla’s product lead for platform level features, managing the development of large scale projects the affect multiple parts of the Ayla Platform. Oliver is also responsible for developing Ayla Networks' relationships with members from cloud partners such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit. Oliver works closely with Ayla Networks' potential customers and clients to help define their connected product strategy and product development plans and then execute them on aggressive schedules.

Before joining Ayla, Oliver held numerous management roles at eBay over his ten years. He most recently was Senior Product Manager and the lead for eBay’s tablet websites, working on new designs and ideas relating to browser-based touch interactions and coordinating a team encompassing design, development and testing. Earlier, he managed eBay’s global websites for mobile and was product manager for eBay on Blackberry and lead mobile product manager for the launch of the Stubhub iPhone application.

Oliver holds numerous patents in mobile technology. He earned his BSc degree in computer science from the University of Hertfordshire (UK).

Chris McGugan, GM of Innovation and the Kenmore Brand, Sears Holdings

Chris McGugan - Sears

Mr. McGugan manages the Kenmore brand and drives innovation across the three core brands for Sears - Kenmore, Craftsman, and Diehard. Prior to joining the SHC team, Mr. McGugan was the General Manager for Avaya’s Emerging Products and Technology organization responsible for their forward looking technology roadmap and directed their research and development organization. Previously, Mr. McGugan was Vice President for Belkin, managing their products and engineering organizations. Mr. McGugan has held leadership positions at Motorola, Symbol Technologies, and Cisco Systems and is an alumnus of North Carolina State University. Also, Mr. McGugan is an advisor and board member for a number of technology companies around the world.

Peter Radsliff, VP Marketing, Arrayent

Peter Radsliff - Arranyent

Peter Radsliff leads Arrayent’s outreach efforts as the company’s VP, Marketing. He brings to Arrayent more than 20 years of experience managing marketing teams, analyst & public relations efforts, and launching new products to market. Peter has developed and launched new category connected products at three startups and joined this latest IoT assignment at Arrayent in May 2016. Peter has a B.A. from San Francisco State University’s School of Design where he did his graduate work and also taught undergrad and graduate design courses as a faculty member.

Brad Russell, Research Analyst, Parks Associates

Brad Russell - Parks Associates

Brad Russell explores leading-edge issues in connected consumer electronics, smart home devices and platforms, IoT data privacy and security, and data-driven applications. He has a background in marketing communications, technology startups, and online media. Brad balances the art and science of market research to generate insights that lead to more astute business decision making and value-generating practices.

Brad received his BS degree in advertising and marketing from the University of Texas at Austin. He also earned MDiv and DMin degrees from two leading seminaries with concentrations in ethics and cross-cultural leadership.

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Connected Consumer Electronics, Smart Home Devices and Platforms, IoT Data Privacy and Security

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