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Research Workshop - The Role of Energy Providers in the Smart Home

Hosted by research firm Parks Associates - Monday, February 19, 1:00-5:00 p.m.

This research workshop presents detailed findings from Parks Associates' consumer and industry studies on the smart home, IoT, and energy management markets. The research presentations detail the changes in the consumer perspective and examine new business models and opportunities that follow these changes.

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Agenda - February 19

12:00 p.m.   Registration Open

1:00 p.m.   Research Presentation: Crossing the Chasm: Smart Home Solutions

The transition from early adopters to the early majority is a key challenge for any product or service, and the smart home is no different. This session outlines the differing needs of consumers at different stages in the technology adoption curve and strategies for smart home solution providers to cross the chasm.

Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home, Parks Associates

1:20 p.m.   Industry Insights: Expanding Adoption

Providing tiered solutions within a portfolio of products and services is one approach to expand markets. Both manufacturers and service providers must adapt their solutions to meet the unique needs of different segments. In this session, an industry leader shares how they are adapting their product portfolios to grow the market.

Jamie Staples, Head of Retail Partnerships, Nest Labs

1:40 p.m.   Research Presentation: Incentivizing the Smart Home

Parks Associates provides new research data showing business opportunities emerging as the IoT and smart home change the relationship utilities have with their customers. This presentation highlights what incentives can be provided to create more consumer engagement around energy efficiency programs.

Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates

2:00 p.m.   Industry Insights: Whole Home Energy Efficiency

Residential customers have a variety of energy efficiency investment options to consider, and consumers lack the tools to help them understanding which option is the best investment for their home. New home builders face a similar challenge in determining the most cost-effective approach among hundreds of competing solutions. This session presents the challenges and new tools to support decision making among multiple stakeholders in energy efficiency.

Ben Polly, Senior Research Engineer, NREL

2:20 p.m.   Industry Insights: Whole Home Energy Management

The opportunity for home energy management solution is growing as new residential construction moves toward net-zero homes and the breadth of connected products entering the home expands. This session looks at the challenges and opportunities associated with building an ecosystem of interoperable products to deliver a broad home energy management solution.

Chris Carradine, EVP, ecobee

2:40 p.m.   Industry Insights Panel: Interoperability in the Smart Home

Interoperability remains a challenge for the smart home. Different protocols and application frameworks compete for position, but while each has had success in different industry verticals, a clear interoperability framework across multiple vertical markets remains elusive. This session examines industry progress toward broad interoperability in the smart home.

Sujata Neidig, Director of Marketing, NXP, Thread Group
Bill Scheffler, VP, Sales and Business Development, Z-Wave, Sigma Designs

Moderator: Tom Kerber, Director, IoT Strategy, Parks Associates

3:00 p.m.   Break

3:30 p.m.   Research Presentation: Aligning Incentives in the Smart Home

Ideally, smart home operation decisions should align with utility interests. Incentives such as TOU tariffs, demand charges, and DR payments serve to align consumer and utility interests. But consumers are skeptical of TOU and DR programs, and rollouts need to acknowledge consumer reservations. This presentation highlights consumer attitudes on DR and TOU rates and how TOU tariffs can impact consumer behavior.

Stephanie Heeney, Account Executive, Parks Associates

3:50 p.m.   Research Presentation: Solar and Storage

As pricing for residential photovoltaic systems and battery storage continues to fall, adoption is gaining momentum. Profiling solar adopters provides interesting insights into the underlying motivation and opportunities for integration with other smart home solutions. This research presentation profiles solar owners and intenders and their motivations for acquiring energy solutions.

Jennifer Kent, Director, Research Quality & Product Development, Parks Associates

4:10 p.m.   Industry Insights: Cutting-edge New-construction Master-planned Communities: Key to U.S. Residential Virtual Power Plant

The concept of aggregating a distributed network of energy storage systems into an intelligent “Virtual Power Plant” continues to be championed by the energy sciences community as a central tenet of how the clean energy grid of the future will be constructed. Recently, sonnen Inc. announced that they are working with the Mandalay Homes, the national leader in carbon-neutral home construction, to build the largest residential virtual power plant and carbon-neutral master-planned community in the United States in Prescott Valley Arizona. Sonnen Inc.’s Blake Richetta outlines sonnen’s perspective on how to best deploy residential Virtual Power Plant technology in the U.S., alongside cutting-edge eco-progressive home builders and developers. Mr. Richetta also brings perspective from his time at Tesla, as North American Powerwall Sales Manager as well as at home automation leader Lutron Electronics.

Blake Richetta, SVP, sonnen Inc.

4:30 p.m.   Research Presentation: HVAC Maintenance Services

Seventy percent of HVAC systems are installed improperly, resulting in poor operating efficiency. Nearly 50% of U.S. broadband households find HVAC services appealing, making HVAC services a complementary energy service that can also deliver energy efficiency. This session quantifies consumer interest in HVAC services and examines how connected solutions can enhance HVAC maintenance services.

Denise Ernst, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

4:50 p.m.   Industry Insights: Opportunities for Energy Providers

As the smart home and the smart grid mature, utilities have a tremendous opportunity to leverage that growing installed base of products and drive adoption further with energy efficiency and demand response programs. This industry presentation examines how utilities can make the most of the smart home and become a partner to drive energy efficiency forward.

David Holland, Sr. Manager, Business Development, Connected Homes, Honeywell

5:10 p.m.   Industry Insights: Moving into the Smart Home

As distributed energy, electric vehicles, and smart home solutions expand, utilities are evaluating their role in the smart home. Many utilities are expanding their residential energy efficiency programs and partnering with smart home solution providers. This session examines opportunities for utilities in the smart home.

Dr. Kenneth Wacks, President, Home, Building & Utility Systems

5:30 p.m.   Smart Energy Summit Opening Reception


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