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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

IoT Issues to Be Addressed at CES 2017

“Parks Associates research estimates there will be nearly seven million new Western European households with a smart home controller in 2016,” Tom Kerber, director, IoT strategy at Parks Associates, says. “While much of this growth comes from embedded controllers in smart TVs, home control solutions are driving growth in multiple IoT markets, with successful product lines like Homematic starting to move the market beyond early adopters.”

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

How Concerned Are Potential IoT Customers With Privacy And Data Security?

Around 40 percent of U.S. broadband households reported in a Parks Associates survey near the end of 2015 they had a recent privacy or security problem with a connected device, primarily a virus, spyware or a company tracking them, Brad Russell, a research analyst at the research firm, observes.

From the article "How Concerned Are Potential IoT Customers With Privacy And Data Security?" by Laura Hamilton.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Who Uses Voice Recognition Technologies And Are They Satisfied?

IoT research firm Parks Associates released findings in which it says 46 percent of U.S. Millennials with smartphones use voice recognition software, including Apple’s Siri, Google Now or Microsoft’s Cortana. That aligns in an interesting way with research also put out recently by TiVo that showed 43 percent Millennials surveyed were using voice commands with some form of device every day. Only about 8 percent of Boomers do the same, the TiVo survey concluded.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Almost One in Five High-Income Canadian HHs Own at Least One Smart Device, Research Firm Says

High-income broadband households are behind a recent jump in smart home adoption in Canada, according to new research. A report by Parks Associates, “Smart Home and IoT in Canada,” indicates that 19 percent of Canadian households with an income of $100,000 or more own at least one smart home device, compared to 5 percent of those with an income of less than $50,000. Most popular are smart programmable thermostats with 5 percent adoption among all Canadian broadband households, a ...read more

Monday, October 03, 2016

High-Speed Data Service Demand Continues Globally: An Analyst’s View

Broadband services remain a key driving force in global productivity and communication. Businesses, governments, and individuals continue to rely upon the quality and dependability of high-speed data and broadband services in order to inform, educate, interact and entertain.

On a worldwide basis, household adoption of fixed-line broadband services continues to increase. At the end of 2015, Parks Associates’ estimates had 739 million global households subscribing to a residen ...read more

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

What’s the State of the Security and Smart Home Market in Europe?

The new report, “State of Residential Security and Smart Home in Europe” hones in the state of home security and smart home offerings in Europe and analyzes the challenges faced by companies looking for a piece of that market. Additionally, the report also profiles the European householders who have already adopted security systems at home.

"A growing amount of hype surrounds the smart home concept in Europe, but consumer awareness in Western European countries still needs t ...read more

Friday, September 02, 2016

OTT Adoption in U.S. Broadband Households: It’s Up 12 Percent Since 2014, Report Says

The “OTT Video Market Tracker” from Parks Associates was just released indicating adoption in broadband households of OTT video subscriptions has increased by 12 percent since Q3 2014. Both the number of available services and consumer awareness are increasing, according to the research — as is password sharing which is said to have gone up by about 8 percent over that same period.

There’s been a steady climb in OTT thus far in 2016, Brett Sappington, senior director of rese ...read more

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Connected Device Apps Are Powering Up OTT Video Service Subscriptions, White Paper Says

OTT video services are ahead of the game against pay TV operators, broadcasters and cable networks when it comes to utilizing connected apps to deliver content to the TV, Brett Sappington, senior director of research at Parks Associates, maintains.

“Lacking a presence on a connected device is essentially ceding the market to others. As competition for video services becomes more intense, companies are adding support and enhancing their apps for connected devices,” he adds.

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