Saturday, December 17, 2016

Amazon and Netflix Look to Their Own Shows As the Key to World Domination

“A lot of the time content owners might not necessarily hold all the rights to their content in different markets,” says Parks Associates analyst Glenn Hower. “International content rights are hideously complex.”

From the article "Amazon and Netflix Look to Their Own Shows As the Key to World Domination" by Brian Barrett.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Routers Are Pretty Now, Because They Have to Be

“These new mesh network routers are seeking to address several key areas of concern for home networking infrastructure; namely performance, coverage, aesthetics, and security,” says Brad Russell, and analyst with Parks Associates.

From the article "Routers Are Pretty Now, Because They Have to Be" by Brian Barrett.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Softbank Is Betting $32 Billion on ARM That the Internet of Things Will Pay Out

The good news, for SoftBank and ARM, is that it’s got as good a chance as anybody to do just that. “[ARM] processors are ideally suited for IoT applications,” says Parks Associates Research Director Tom Kerber, citing their efficiency and affordability. The same strengths that helped ARM take over the world’s smartphones will help it do the same with connected devices.

From the article "Softbank Is Betting $32 Billion on ARM That the Internet of Things Will Pay Out" by Brian ...read more

Friday, April 22, 2016

Cable Boxes Suck. One Day They’ll Die. Until Then We Have to Fix Them.

“Nothing in our proposal would prevent Comcast or TimeWarner from what they’re doing with Roku or Apple TV, or how they decide to pick what devices to share their app with,” says an FCC spokeswoman.

Meanwhile, the argument that it’s an undue financial burden on Comcast to pursue both simultaneously doesn’t hold water, says Brett Sappington, research director at Parks Associates.

From the article "Cable Boxes Suck. One Day They’ll Die. Until Then We Have to Fix Them." by& ...read more

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Netflix’s Grand, Daring, Maybe Crazy Plan to Conquer the World

Take Canada, in which Netflix has operated longer than any country besides the United States. Canadians, says Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, harbor constant insecurities about the depth of the streaming catalog in their country, despite having access to several titles—Star Wars: The Force Awakens soon among them—unavailable to its southerly neighbors. In France, meanwhile, laws designed to protect theaters prevent the streaming of any movie within three years (yes, years) of its the ...read more

Friday, February 19, 2016

The FCC’s War to Liberate Your Cable Box

Data is really the new area of competition. If the pay-TV providers are looking at competition long-term in the future, that's the main concern. - BRETT SAPPINGTON, DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH AT PARKS ASSOCIATES

From the article "The FCC’s War to Liberate Your Cable Box" by www.wired.com

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Smart House: Connecting Slowly…but Surely

Last week, I was on a panel at a conference in San Francisco called CONNECTIONS, which is the premier connected home conference focused on innovative technology and business solutions for the connected consumer. The event featured consumer research and market strategies to monetize digital content, mobile applications and services, value-added services, connected consumer electronics, and home systems. I’m energized that this conference attracted manufacturers, suppliers, techno ...read more

Friday, March 01, 2013

Viewers Are Flocking to Streaming Video Content — And So Are Advertisers

With more and more viewership migrating online, real-time data from streaming content offers advertisers a much more accurate picture of how the audience is interacting with ads. Rather than simply relying on overall viewership numbers as a “proxy number” for how many people watched an advertisement, advertisers can tell “whether they’re skipping an ad, or whether they’re not,” Lepe explained. The question now is how the advertising model will change once Nielsen integrates this ...read more

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