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Monday, September 08, 2008

The kids are taking over virtual worlds: Although digital realms haven't caught on among adults, future is paved with child-centric fare

In the future, there might be little differences between virtual worlds, video games and social networks, said Michael Cai, an analyst with Parks Associates in Dallas. "We're obviously seeing a lot of convergence of them all already," he said. 

From the article, "The kids are taking over virtual worlds: Although digital realms haven't caught on among adults, future is paved with child-centric fare" by Bob Keefe

Monday, August 20, 2007

Monitor momentum

The changing ways that people are using computers and TVs are driving the innovations in the $100 billion display industry, said Kurt Scherf, vice president of Dallas technology research group Parks Associates.

"Computers have obviously moved well beyond simple information devices and have now become depositories for multimedia applications like photos and videos," Scherf said. "So it makes sense that we're going to see different types of displays that take into account the way more

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fans await Apple's move into the living room

In December, Apple and Intel also quietly helped launch a new tech industry consortium designed to create new standards to improve the flow of content between TVs, computers and other devices.

Kurt Scherf, principal analyst at Dallas-based research outfit Parks Associates, said he thinks Apple plans to introduce a revamped version of its Mac Mini computer designed specifically as a home entertainment hub. He also predicts Apple will announce new deals for content such as its re more

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Devices that do everything will star

"Manufacturers can put so many more functions on a single chip now than they ever could," said Kurt Scherf, principal analyst at Dallas-based tech research company Parks Associates.

"So instead of just having a DVD player with a button that says 'Play,' you can now have one with . . . network connectivity, the ability to communicate with storage devices around your home" and other features, for about the same price as a bare-bones DVD player a few years ago.

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Cable box gets an upgrade

Set-top boxes have a big advantage over media center PCs that are struggling for a toehold in the business, said John Barrett, an analyst at Dallas-based technology research company Parks Associates.

He said it's easier to persuade a consumer to pay a few dollars extra each month to rent a feature-filled cable or satellite box than spend several thousand dollars for a PC that still may not work seamlessly with television sets and other electronics.

And consumers typically wou more

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Digital entertainment systems could be the next must-have

The rapid adoption of the MP3 format for playing music shows "the consumer mind-set is changing to accept the idea of getting their entertainment on demand, anywhere, anytime," said Kurt Scherf, vice president of Parks Associates.

The Dallas market research and consulting firm forecasts that 5 million U.S. households might have an integrated home entertainment network set up in the next five years.

High-end systems such as those installed in the Four Seasons only will appeal more

Friday, July 20, 2001

Cirrus Logic to buy California electronics companies

ShareWave has wireless networking technology that Cirrus could integrate into a variety of consumer entertainment chips. Integrated networking is a natural way for that market to develop, said analyst Kurt Scherf with the Park Associates market research company in Dallas.

"This makes perfect sense," Scherf said. "It validates what I've been saying about home entertainment networking for the past two years."

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