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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Netflix Has $5 Billion to Burn on Content in Global Expansion

Global licensing is always expensive, according to Glenn Hower, a research analyst at Parks Associates. But Netflix’s approach runs against the norms of global rights, which break everything up regionally, he said. Attempts to bust up the institutions of licensing probably comes at a premium, Hower said.

The consumer behaviors in many of 2016’s new markets differ from the places where Netflix is strongest now.

From the article "Netflix Has $5 Billion to Burn on Content i more

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Virtual Reality’s Future Kings: Major Studios or Indie Upstarts?

VR content production will be significantly different than for traditional films or TV programs, according to Barbara Kraus, Parks Associates director of research. Viewers will not have a common central focus, and so directors and writers must design content that can be experienced in a very different way than current movies and TV programs.

From the article "Virtual Reality’s Future Kings: Major Studios or Indie Upstarts?" by Joan E. Solsman.

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