Key Topics:

  • Purchase cycle and drivers of new and existing mobile devices, including market shares for brands and operating systems and the impact of these on consumer behavior and attitudes
  • Adoption and use of mobile apps, including money spent, frequency of usage, discovery methods, and app preferences and consumer expectations
  • Interest in and likelihood to use connected car apps and solutions from car OEMs, mobile operators, and accessory makers
  • Interest in and use of mobile payment and wallet solutions and impact of mobile app and wallet use on in-store shopping experiences and money spent
  • Impact of new mobile service programs on mobile consumer loyalty, subscriber expectations, and trends in mobile data consumption and Wi-Fi usage
  • Presence and use of different wireless technologies on mobile devices, including Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi consumer expectations for audio/video experience on smartphones/tablets

Publish Date: 4Q 2015

Slides: 105

Authored By:
John Barrett - Director of Consumer Analytics
Yilan Jiang - Senior Director of Consumer Analytics
Harry Wang - Senior Director of Research

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